What is involved with a hearing test?


When one starts going deaf, they don’t notice it immediately or easily. This is because hearing loss is a gradual process that usually goes unnoticed. Nevertheless, there are certain signs that signal hearing loss, and knowing them would be helpful. You can also just decide to take a hearing test as it is one of the simplest check-ups one can get. A number of reliable audiologists in the UK who can provide a hearing test.

Some of these hearing experts offer an online hearing test where you can get a test at the comfort of your home. When you visit a hearing specialist, here is what is involved in a test. A hearing test is usually done in a quiet, soundproof room with no background noise.

  1. Initial examination- The first test done on your ear is the examination of the ears using an otoscope. The specialist will be able to see any visible problems in your ear canal or eardrum.
  1. Pure tone test- After the otoscope check, you are taken through a test to determine your ability to hear different pure tones. This is ideal for determining the degree of hearing loss. The test involves special headphones with a button that you hold in your hand. You are required to press the button every time you hear a tone in one of your ears. Each ear is individually tested and the results illustrated as an audiogram. the audiogram indicates the softest sounds you can hear at different frequencies.
  1. Bone conduction test- At times, you’ll be required to go through a bone conduction test which measures your capacity to hear pure tones using a small bone conductor that is placed behind your ear. This is performed to check if you have any problems in the middle ear cavity.
  1. Speech test- A hearing test involves a speech test to determine if the relation of what you hear and what you speak is okay. A speech test in a hearing test checks for problems in the auditory nerve. This is the nerve that sends signals from your ear to brain, responsible for translating the sounds you hear into words you understand as speech.
  1. Tympanometry- The test checks the condition of your middle ear as well as the mobility of the eardrum. Mostly a hearing test at a facility takes around 1 to 2hours. For those who opt to do an online hearing test, it takes just a few minutes. Thankfully today’s technology enables people to take online hearing tests. It is worth to know that while the test is simple and usually free, it has limitations. However, the test determines the quality of your hearing. Usually, such tests take 3-5 minutes and one needs earphones adjusted to a comfortable volume.

 The Test One gets presented with sounds clips depicting everyday scenarios. You may listen to people talking in a busy bar or a person asking for directions in the street. Once done will each clip, you will be asked a question on what you’ve just heard and your answers include a number of options that you must pick. Once you’ve answered all the questions, you will be given a score, at times out of ten. Following that, you will get a recommendation based on your test results. If this home hearing test detects issues with your hearing, you may be advised to book online for a hearing test with an expert audiologist for a test at a facility.