Mixed opinions on new non-surgical rhinoplasty trend

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While there is a rise in nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedures, not everyone is convinced. About 10 years ago, the procedure was quite impressive and took just about 15 minutes. In Sydney, a writer once met a doctor who demonstrated the procedure by injecting the filler Restylane into a hooked nose. The de-bumping results afterwards were great. 

Ever since the rhinoplasty procedures with the use of the nose fillers have steadily risen. These nose fillers are what makes a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Anyone who has had an open surgical rhinoplasty or at least had had the experience on a friend would be interested in understanding what a “liquid nose job” entails. For those in Manchester, you might want to learn what rhinoplasty Manchester type of procedure, you will get.

A clinical instructor in dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine, Shereene Idriss has opinions about this quick to do the procedure. Shereene who is also a cosmetic dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York talked about the pitfalls of the non-surgical “liquid nose job”.

Everyone who has viewed rhinoplasty on social media thinks the “Liquid rhinoplasty” is an easy and quick procedure as it appears but that shouldn’t be the thinking people should have according to the dermatology specialist. Complications can occur and the treatment shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, as the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures gain popularity and rise in number, the number of complications also increase.

This has led to the qualifications of the injectors to become more and more questionable. Concerning this, Shereene Idriss was referring to the many untrained injectors in the globe. Dr George Marcells, a Sydney-based plastic surgeon who specialises in rhinoplasty also added some comments. The surgeon raised concerns about having a permanent filler in a person’s nose which people should not do.

This is because once the filler is in a person’s nose, they cannot get rid of it. Some worse cases have seen people suffer from an inflammatory response of blood supply blockage caused by the filler. Such a case in a person’s nose is a disaster. The rhinoplasty expert continued to explain about nose jobs. According to Dr Marcells, while one can alter their appearance by changing the contours of the nose and evening out the bumps, they cannot change the size of their noses. Nonpermanent fillers also come with disadvantages since they can also block the blood supply to an area. These are better since you can at least inject hyaluronidase to break down the filler and reverse the process.

Some of the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures could cause immediate blindness so people should be cautious. Should the arteries around the nose that service the retina of the eye get clogged with a liquid filler, these could make you experience a disaster of your life.

While considering all that the experts have to say, you have to make a well-thought decision to ensure you won’t regret. Make sure if you are to get the procedure, you enlist reputable, certified specialists. You could also get the usual open surgeon procedure. There are great rhinoplasty Manchester experts you can contact and visit.